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Thread: Wassabi and original disks

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    Wassabi and original disks


    I installed Wassabi DX V5 - self made DVDs working and I can play games.
    But if I insert original game disk, Wii will sense disk, I choose, example, Wii SPORT, Wii sport apper over the screen and next step.... Wii restart itself
    I succeed one time to run Wii Sport normaly - game work prefect.
    If I try 2-3 times, then erro messag apper, what instruct me to turn off Wii and read manual.
    Same happens, when I insert Wii FIT original game disk.
    Whats wrong?

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    You need the 1.2 wasabi dx update i had the same with mario kart

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    Ok, I try to find this update.

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    Execue my bad english skills , but:
    disk must be DVD? And I insert a burned disk with upgrade, then I turn of Wii, press 3x eject and installations begin?

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    Yes mate it has to be dvd-r i think the file is about 1.2 gb. pop it in the wii then you should get a gamecube logo on the disc menu click on that then follow on screen instruction's@)

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    Yess, I tryed both - Sport and Fit original disks - all seems to work prefect!
    Thanks for help.
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    no worry's bud

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    Quote Originally Posted by withnail View Post
    Yes mate it has to be dvd-r i think the file is about 1.2 gb.
    can i use 8cm dvd-rw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moli View Post
    can i use 8cm dvd-rw?
    Indeed... The update emulates a GC disk so using GC media is fine.. Other then the extra cost of the smaller disk's
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