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Thread: Wassabi DX V5 and original game discks

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    Wassabi DX V5 and original game discks


    I installed Wassabi DX V5 - self made DVDs working and I can play games.
    But if I insert original game disk, Wii will sense disk, I choose, example, Wii SPORT, Wii sport apper over the screen and next step.... Wii restart itself
    I succeed one time to run Wii Sport normaly - game work prefect.
    If I try 2-3 times, then erro messag apper, what instruct me to turn off Wii and read manual.
    Same happens, when I insert Wii FIT original game disk.
    Whats wrong?

    Sorry, this is not in right place, I write this problem to correct place, please delete it from here :-)
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    this is very weird

    a bomb seeking some help


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