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Thread: Semi bricked and 4.0 update?

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    Semi bricked and 4.0 update?

    I have been patiently waiting for a new update to fix my semi bricked Wii.I have a ntsc wii that was accidently semi bricked with animal crossing(pal), so i believe it is now 3.4e.I have a message on the wii to update to 4.0 and when i tried, it still came to the dreaded opera screen.My question is this,Why won't it update? or do i have to wait on a game with 4.0 on it?My games work fine, i just want to play online again.

    ntsc wii
    wiikey2 (no homebrew)


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    Dude, either dload one of the newer games with the new update or dload Zelda Twilight princess, setup homebrew with it and either upgrade or downgrade your firmware. I would reccomend you downgrade your firmware for all of the Wiiware stuff that you can install .

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    Thanks for the reply but from what i understand there are no new games with a later firmware than what i have and you can't downgrade and install and install homebrew without online access from what i read.I have Madworld and the game works fine and it doesn't ask for an update.

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    either wait4 a 4.0E game disc,
    or perform a downgrade fm 3.4E to 3.2E. Without Internet, an offline cIOS/IOs install could be done. Search tuts for yourself.

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    Does anybody know of a game that has the 4.0u update on it?


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    I have the 4.0U system menu wad, if you install IOS60 and then the SystemMenu-v417-NTSC-U wad you will be on 4 with your homebrew still working, it is untested though....wanna give it a shot?


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