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Thread: What do I need to know to burn a wii game?

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    What do I need to know to burn a wii game?

    Im sure this question has been thrown around plenty. I have found a game I wanted, downloaded the torrent, once I opened the containing folder and attempted to unzip with winRar there are a ton of .rar folders. I chose .r00 or .r01 to extract but just comes up wit more .rar folders to be unzipped. Im from the US. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    that's weird. Usually, if you double-click a .r## file, winrar will consolidate all the .r## files into one (in this case, it should consolidate them into an .iso file).

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    i find it a lil weird. it happened to me for more then like 3 games. i assumed it was my winRar but it wasnt. after its done extracting it says...

    unknown format or file may be damaged

    any ideas?

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    Is there one rar file in the folder that doesnt have a number behind it? If so open that one and you should be able to extract the iso.

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    "unknown format or file may be damaged" , possible causes:
    -- may be an ISO file already.
    -- imcomplete download

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    Have you tryed the right click and extract file method? If after you extract the folder and its filled with more .rar's try extracting them to see if the creator double packed it.

    Also make sure your winrar shell configurations are not set to handle .iso's as sometimes that will confuse a new user thinking that the file is compressed when its really not.

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    I want to thank you all for helping me. I did change the setting on my winRar and unchecked the .iso option. It worked. I tried a DVD+R and the screen just went up and down and was in black and white and read more that DVD-R's are better. Is the write speed 2x or 4x?? Or it doesnt matter which one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost Ritz View Post
    Is the write speed 2x or 4x?? Or it doesnt matter which one?
    Most will say the slower the better so minimum speed, but depending on your burner you could do 4x or even 8x as ive seen others post saying that they have no issues.

    Just a few things to remember, DvD-r media is most recomended cause it allows the wii dvd-rom to read at 6x from what I understand, Image Burn seems to be the most recomended burning app which I do use myself so I will support that claim, and myself I burn at 4x and never had an issue so Ill recomend that speed.

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    after the 1st successful unzip with WinRAR, the iso would be ready.
    however, the file may be "seen" as ABC.rar file again. u try to unzip it, u'll be prompted as file unknown format or damaged....
    in this case, check that file files as 4,699,979,776 bytes; rename that file as ABC.iso , u burn it into dvd-r and hv fun.
    playable !


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