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Thread: Americans, Watch Out!!

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    Us Americans, Watch Out!!

    I hate Obama with a passion.

    Be careful with your downloads. I just unplugged my extra HD just in case...

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    I never liked him from the start. I figured he would try this... oh well... America wanted change...

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    Canada 1 Usa 0

    Americans will just never learn that Canada is far greater than them:P

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    Well that suck for me & all other american's out in united states (Mom pack our bags were moving to Canada)

    >IT'S Time To Die SpiderMan!!!

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    Ca Enterteiment industries puppet

    That what Obama is. he took him less to 3 month to become a patheric sellout, that no nation accross the world should take seriously.

    He need to be removed from office at all cost.

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    I would sleep with one eye open if i were you Obama
    I am the SSBB master...

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    Just kidding, but i am pretty mad. Will torrents be banned too?
    I am the SSBB master...

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    It's not for sure yet....Christ, I hate Obama, he needs to focus on the damn things that matter, not free mp3's. War in Iraq? Oh we still got troops over there. We busted that guys for downloading 10 songs, though!

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    exactly, this guy is spending trillions of dollars on useless crap, wars and businesses that are failing, i thought he was going to do something good in office, like clinton our greatest pres of all time, but this is outrageous. Sharing files has been going on since computers were invented and it will continue to happen no matter how illegal or how strict the govt becomes in monitoring. They need to beat it with computers, I pay for my PC i pay for my internets, am I not paying for downloads? Can I really steal something when I'm paying for it in the long run?

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    Ca Obama

    They should have never let him in

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