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Thread: Question about Twilight CD

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    Thanks for your help everyone!
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    dude, just copy the usa hack to your wii and try either the 0 or the 2 hack. It will not mess up your wii so give either one a shot. I hear the newer model wii's won't allow you to install the HomewBrew so take that into account if it does not work for you.

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    I suggest you downgrade your wii to 3.2 for a couple of reasons. One, you can install wiiware games and two, you will have semi-brick protection and a few other added features with the program StarFall installed. If you want to keep 3.4 and play bakcups then there's a way but you will have to search the forum. Good luck

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    I would have have followed this guide which is noob proof:

    anyhow, maybe what you did is right but did you patch the iso with iso patcher before you burnt the game?

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    I guess you still want to stay at FW 3.4. Here's what I found that you can do once you have HomeBrew installed: Pm me if you can't find the files.
    4.1 Launch HBC
    4.2 Launch 'WadManager1.3'
    4.3 Press A on your wiimote
    4.4 Select 'IOS16-64-v257.wad'
    4.5 Press 1 on your wiimote
    4.6 Wait for confirmation
    4.7 Press HOME on your wiimote and the Wii will reboot itself

    5.0 INSTALLING cIOS249-v7
    5.1 Launch HBC
    5.2 Launch 'WadManagerIOS16'
    5.3 Press A on your wiimote
    5.4 Select '07-cIOS249-v7_waninkokoFULL-nw7.wad'
    5.5 Press 1 on your wiimote
    5.6 Wait for confirmation
    5.7 Press HOME on your wiimote and the Wii will reboot itself

    Feel free to you use your own prefered burning method, but problems as been reported when using maximum speed burning.
    - video glitches
    - slowdowns
    - desynchronization of the audio
    - cutscenes and intro rebuffering
    - may not work at all
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