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Thread: Any Of You Have Modded Wii's?

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    Any Of You Have Modded Wii's?

    Im just wondering fi any of you have modded wii's if so what chip do you use and how do you use a modded wii? How exactly do you play games on them?
    I really want a mod chip so my friend can put it in my Wii but im just confused on which one I should buy and where I will get it?
    What are some good sites that have wii games that I can download/

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    yes my grandmother bought me a mod chip and i had it installed. I got like 20 games. First download utoorent by googling it then go to and look up the game you want. It will appear and it will be about 4 gigs in size. Download it and burn it to a dvd and if you have a mod chip there you go! you can play any game that's out

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    i bricked my wii. i need to get a new pre-d2c console...

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    I have a WiiKey modchip that works great. I can play backups and imports of both GameCube and Wii games. Its pretty much just install and forget.

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    I say get a "Offical" Wii Key Chip, there are alot of knockoff's. I did my research on chips before I bought mine, and I read only good about the wii key
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