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Thread: Got my Wiikey 2, now what?

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    Got my Wiikey 2, now what?

    I know this thread has probably been done before, but I cant seem to find a clear answer

    So I just got my wiikey 2, and found a tutorial how to open it and install it
    i found the wiikey 1.9s update and config 1.9s, which do i install first (or either)?
    they are two different isos..

    should this be all i need to do to just play backups?
    i have super mario galaxy (which i saw there are problems), andi would to preferably play on the internet but not much more than that

    i also saw something to make it "non-brickable", do i need to do something?

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    Hey, don't try the 1.9s update, it wont work It's for Wiikey1
    Did you already install it? If yes, put an own region disc and boot, so the wiikey gets "stamped" by your region (presumably USA)
    Then download and burn the "Wiikey 2 Update/Config Combined Disc v1.2" and start it to set update blocking. You won't be having problems with mario galaxy.

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    omg thank u so much

    so lemme just streamline this (not installed it yet)
    1) open wii
    2) install it
    3) put any disc for my region in (so any game i have just sitting there i guess)
    4) burn and put the combined config/update disc in

    is that right?

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    If memory serves right, then yes, that's about it...
    Quote: The first game you load after installing your wiikey
    should be a Original game from your own region uk/pal usa/ntsc etc.
    So yes, just put in the bundled Wii Sports, and then the config disc...

    After the wiikey2 installation, if you would like to use your wii to it's fullest potential (homebrew, etc), I strongly recommend you to check out the forum's tutorial section. You will find solutions to every possible question or problem, the nice people here already did all the work for you

    And regarding burning: use quality DVD-R media, burn at 4x speed max.
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