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Thread: Trouble burning Harvest Moon: ToT

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    Question Trouble burning Harvest Moon: ToT

    Hi everyone,

    I'm having a really hard time burning Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. I've burned several copies, and none of them work 100%. One of them will load the game and works through most of the town (most of the time), but it will not work in the bait shop at all. If I stick in a different copy then, it'll run the bait shop, but then as soon as I leave the bait shop, it stops working again and I have to put in the first copy so I can run around town. Only one of my copies will load the game, period.

    I am using ImgBurn at 1x, using Verbatim DVD-Rs. I also used Wii Brick Blocker even though this iso is from NTSC format, just to be safe. The file is the proper size: 4,699,979,776. I use a DriveKey, if that makes any difference. Wii is updated to 4.0.

    I opted to download backup copies of my games, and skip purchasing the LG drive to save a little money. Would I be better off buying an LG drive and making my own backups? Does it burn better maybe, or should my regular DVD drive work fine? It made a working backup copy of Cooking Mama just fine. Game works with no problems at all.

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    There are a couple things i would do.

    1.) Get iso dumper, it dumps the game from your wii drive to your computer over the internet. If you have a router, make sure your PC or Laptop that the game will be dumped to is plugged in to the net rather than using wifi.

    2) Get a wiikey2 solderless mod chip. Drive keys are no better imo than a soft mod. They reduce the drive speed to 3x rather than 6x. wiikey2 lets you run the game at the full 6x speed. That way load times are shorter and the AMV’s during games like rune factory and Mario galaxy run crisp and normal rather than choppy and unwatchable.

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    I don't mind slower load times. I don't have Mario Galaxy anyway. I'll probably just rent it through Gamefly and take the modchip out while I play it. I got the DriveKey because I have black glue around the chip in my Wii, and I don't feel at all comfortable trying to chip or melt it off. If I had a professional modder around here, I'd just let them do it, but there isn't anyone.

    So I can't even use a solderless chip. I'd rather have slow load times than a scratched and broken Wii.

    Will an ISO dump straight from my Wii work any better than the ISO I downloaded or are they really just the same? The disc just reads sporadically. Some places (except for bait shop) work one time, and then don't the next. I have to eject the disc and put it back in and then it's fine. Is this a symptom from the 3x reading speed? I don't think Harvest Moon is a very visually intense game. The cut scenes of two people talking aren't much to brag about, hehe.

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    you would need the original, it seems like a bad download

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    All right then, I'll give that a shot! Thanks.


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