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Thread: Drive Speed Question

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    Drive Speed Question

    So i ordered a wiikey2 in the hopes it fixes my issue.

    AMV's in games like mario and rune factory. If the chip reads the backup at 6x will it pretty much solve the choppy video issue?

    Also, if i have a softmodded wii with a custom IOS, will i have conflicts with the mod chip or will I have no worries?

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    I wouldn't count too much on it fixing your issues. It might however. You might need to clean your laser as it seems like it is dirty rather than just reading too slow.

    Install the wiikey 2 and while you are there clean your laser. Doing the chip and a laser clean should fix your problem.

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    You see i was told that if i got a mod chip that the ingame amv's will run at normal speeds cause the mod chip runs the disk at 6x. Thats the whole reason i bought a modchip, to make the games run smoothly.

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    Which is true yes but your games might not be running smoothly for a different reason is all I am saying. If your games are running slow because of a dirty laser then the issue might not correct itself completely.

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    i'll clean it when i get in there, but someone from gbatemp gave me a good explanation.

    Simply, yes.
    Most good modchips allow you to boot games at 6x, rather than 3.4x, which is the speed of the backup loader or disk channel boot with Preloader.
    This will allow you to run games at full speed, as if they were original copy games.
    The Wii's drive is underclocked to 3.4x when reading DVDs.
    Much more isn't required to play a movie, but these are games, which would require 6x.
    The Wii Optical disks are printed with a serial that the Wii Reads to know to show them in the disk menu without any modifications, and then run the game at 6x speed, rather than reading it as a DVD- 3.4x speed.

    Hope this helps you =)
    Purchase the modchip. It's worth it, but be careful with the installation.
    I'm not sure if Nintendo would renew your Wii if you have warranty due to an unsuccessful system modification.

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    Ok so i got my wiikey 2 from modchipcentral and it works great! I did not even have to configure it. I just popped it on, and it works, fixed all my errors i have had trouble with, movies running slow, SSBB not working ect.


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