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Thread: 4.0 update with wasabi dx

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    4.0 update with wasabi dx

    my dx chip is coming today , can you update the wii 4.0 now and the dx is still function properly ?

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    read posts...4.0 alot of work...preloader problems....try

    modderman edit: above statement doesnot include the use of modchips
    modchips are unaffected by the any updates atm...if you are not using hb
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    Traveller, i just installed my wasabi dx with 4.0 firmware and i have had no problems bud

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    Quote Originally Posted by withnail View Post
    Traveller, i just installed my wasabi dx with 4.0 firmware and i have had no problems bud
    hi Withnail the chip is coming on monday, do i have to update 4.0 before I install the chip or after?

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    No change to my unit.. That is the reason I Chipped it rather then the soft mod is so that I don't have to worry about it..
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    FW 4.0 does not affect modchips

    The operation of your modchipped wii to play original and backedup games are not affected by any wii fw updates including the new wii fw 4.0

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    so I am no pro, but if I understand the concept of a modchip right what it does is mimic the disk errors sent from the dvd drive to the mainboard.. there for for a mod chip to be rendered useless it would have to be attacked directly or the media would have to change alone with what the mainboard is looking for..
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    Simple answer: It works fine
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