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Thread: error loading gc games

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    Question error loading gc games


    I'm having issues loading original gamecube games on my wii. I updated to gcbackup0.2. Installed the update for this on the wii. also updated to cIOS36_rev8. I tried to play an original gc game. when i load it through the regular disc channel, wiigator pops up and gives me "failed to read dvd 263" and "error 0x52400 ready" and the screen goes black and i have to do a hard reset. I tried 4 different games and none worked. I've looked around and havent seen anybody post something like this.

    I'm running hbc/th on 3.2u

    any help would be appreciated.

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    same thing happened to me... i think it was rev8 kinda mad =\ cant even play backup gc games but everything wii works fine


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