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Thread: Problems with scrubbed games.

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    Problems with scrubbed games.

    I got my wii modded at a mod retailer with a wiikey2. I grabed a few games and after a few IOS problems I fixed it for the most part. I have run into a problem with scrubbed games now. 3 of the titles I grabed were scrubbed and none of them actualy work.

    I tryed brickblocker and iospatcher for them all and came up with quite a few coasters. When I realized that they all had being scrubed in common I checked around and Im getting mixed reviews. Some can play them no problem and others cant play none.

    I have 3.2U fimrware and IOS 38, 53 and 55 installed along with cios37 rev2.

    If I had absoutly no intension of useing any homebrew and only wanted to load my backups, would updateing solve my problems? The homebrew aspect is kinda wasted on my unit as its mainly being used by a 7 and 11 year old so there would be no worries on that part, but my main consirn is if I allow updates will it see my unit is chiped and brick it?

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    What are you using to burn the scrubbed games. Try using DvD-r blank media (i use sony discs)
    in imgburn which is free
    The Official ImgBurn Website
    At 4x speed

    I have not had a problem yet with scrubbed games using the above Also i ALWAYS use iso's from my region NTSC

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    Im use verbatim dvd-r media tryed burning these games at 4x and 1x. I am also useing the latest version of IMGBurn.

    Games that are causeing the problems are
    Rune Factory Frontier
    Final Fantasy Echoes of Time
    The Sims Animals

    Not sure if the games have a history of causeing problems but would updating fix my issues? can I update without risk of my unit being damaged providing I update from my region?
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    I would avoid updating till they know more about the new updates and what it does to modded wiis.

    All the games u mention are new have you installed the new ios's needed to run these games?

    I dont know what ios's you would need for these games
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