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Thread: WiiKey and the 1.9 config Disc

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    WiiKey and the 1.9 config Disc

    Ok, heres my issue. I have just installed the Original WiiKey and Downloaded the 1.9 config disc and burned it at 8x. I put the config disc in the Wii and it reads it as a gamecube disc but when I start it, it gives me Error, Eject Disc and power off. The drive will not recognize any discs not back-ups not originals, just the config disc that gives me the error.

    I have install the WiiKey before on my other console over a year ago and never had 1 problem.

    I am just getting plain tired from reading all the threads and posts to try and figure it out.

    So I'll just ask for help. Please Help. Thanks

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    Reburn at 4x and you should be fine. Try a different media as well. Since it doesn't recognize originals I would do a laser clean or see if it is offline. Also double check that the wiikey is still installed correctly.


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