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Thread: Hi Im New An I Need Help?

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    Hi Im New An I Need Help?

    Can Anyone Point Me In The Right Direction For A Step By Step Tutorial To Burning Mario Party 8 Pal Chronic

    Thanx And Hi

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    love to

    First of all, do you have a mod chip? if so continue, If not I recommend the cheapest place to purchase on is The WIIKEY is 20 bucks. needless to say, use a program called imgburn. If you know anything about torrents than you should have no problem finding a torrent called "Burn Wii
    Programs." it's in there. Then you just take the ISO - set the burn rate to 2x, always burn 3 x or under with wii games. and make sure you are using a compatible dvd. I recommend Sony DVD-R. Always try and use -R's the +R's dont work usually. Then you burn. Everything should work fine. if it doesnt

    1. You have a bad ISO
    2. Bad Disc (IE.+R)
    3. No Mod Chip or is not correctly wired.

    Also if you have an NTSC WII, (american) always be careful with the PAL and J games. If it ever asks you to update your console to play the game always respond with No, and update with the WII menu. Because you will BRICK your wii with a version mismatch. Thats why I always look for USA downloads.

    I hope this helps.



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