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Thread: Can u hack a wireless access point??? for my wii?

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    Can u hack a wireless access point??? for my wii?

    or if not which should i buy a nintendo wifi usb connector or a wireless router????
    and how much does a wireless router cost?

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    ok, first of all, you should google some things up. You need to understand what you are trying to ask before asking. You can hack a wireless router, but why? what is the problem with it. If it is your neighbors then first of all that is illegal, and if it is WEP encrypted you will need to know how to packet-sniff with linux. Good luck. otherwise, go buy a wireless router for your home internet. Dont do it if you have 56k dial up internet, it wont work. they run in stores 40 - 200 bucks. Ebay is cheap. you just need a basic 10/100 MBPS Wireless G router. Your WII already has Wireless on it, you just need an access point. the WII wireless I believe is for DS but I dont know. I hope this helps
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