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Thread: do i need a mod chip if i have homebreware to play backups

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    Question do i need a mod chip if i have homebreware to play backups

    I am new to this and i have installed homebreware in the hope that i can play backups and downloaded iso burnt to disc but i have read that as well as home brew i ned a mod chip please can someone answer this for me if i do not need a chip could you please give me a simple step by step guide as to what application/s i need to play them i have a version 3.4e wii and do i download iso or rar torrents and use imgburn to convert to iso image

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    First you should downgrade. look at the tutorials section of this site. and you don't need a modchip unless you want the disk to be read faster.

    so you don't need modchip, have to downgrade and install a backup loader.

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    Hi everyone,
    This is my first post, i;m afraid to say that i got scammed by homebreware, i paid $29.95 for the software and i followed the instructions about installing the software on my Wii, The Homebrew Channel is installed but all that is on screen is a load of bubbles on a blue screen. I have tried to use the backup launcher but that doesn't work either, my wii is V.4. i have tried imageburn to burn a ISO, but still won't play
    as you can tell i am a NEWBIE
    any help is appreciated

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    i have burnt super mario galaxy on verbatim dvd-r with neogamma r7 bacxkup loader and still cant play game

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