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Thread: Drive Key killed my Wii?

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    Unhappy Drive Key killed my Wii?

    I got a DriveKey, installed it, and it worked great. Played my real copy of Animal Crossing for a bit, then played my backup copy for over an hour just to make sure all was well. Then I went to bed, and turned off the Wii with the remote.

    Well, when I woke up this morning, I found the Wii drive was still spinning. The light was yellow, not green (which has been the case ever since I installed Wi-Fi, the light never goes red, is this normal?). But it was spinning loudly enough for me to hear it across the room. The Wii felt hot so I figured I needed to get it to stop. I hit the power button but it didn't do anything so I unplugged it. I needed to reset my power adapter and it's now powering up again. But I have taken the DriveKey out.

    Did the DriveKey do something that made my Wii spin all night and could it cause it to overheat? I'm not sure if I should put it back in or not. Obviously I don't want it in there if it's going to eventually damage my Wii, but could there be something else causing my drive to continuously spin, or is it in fact the DK? Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this a known issue? Is it simply unsafe to leave copied games in the drive when not in use?
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    Good with electric stuff

    well im iv never installed a mod chip on wii but it sounds as if wires were crossed or not installed correctly thus making your wii overheat ( i am very good with electric) as for working again or not i would try taking it out and seeing if it will work because if the wires got crossed than it will not turn on. also is the little L.E.D light on?

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    from what i understand its a problem with the drivekey and some drives where when you put the wii into standby the disk keeps spinning. it seems the way to stop this is to turn wiiconnect24 off or turn the connect when in standby off, this stopped it for the console i had the problem with.
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    or just eject the disc when your done with it

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    or unplug wii lol

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    Heh, thanks guys for all your useful input. I just didn't want to stick the DriveKey back in and have it end up breaking the Wii. I will try disabling the Wiiconnect24 on standby, and before I go to sleep tonight, I will make sure my Wii stops spinning. If it doesn't, then I'll just have to make sure to always eject my discs unless they come up with some sort of fix for this problem.

    Unplugging my Wii is actually what got me all panicked in the first place. My Wii wouldn't turn on anymore, but I reset my adapter and all was well again.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Even the unmodded wii's get a little hot on the side just sitting with no game in it and off. I noticed my chipped wii was hot so i check my nieces un modded wii and they were both warm. We both just unplug ours when they are not in use.

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    Just wondering weather your wii was updating.
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    2009-03-27 >> Direct RMA for DriveKeys now available
    All in all, the most DriveKeys work without any problems at all, and we have received fantastic feedback from around the globe confirming this. However, we are also aware of some minor QC issues that affected some of the early batches of DriveKey at the beginning of the release. Some affected chips will not play original game discs, whereas others will continue to spin the disc even when the Wii is is standby mode. These issues relate to the DriveKey hardware and not the software/firmware, which means that affected chips must be sent back and replaced. Most distributors and resellers can do this for you. However, in some cases the warranty provided by the reseller (in particular unofficial resellers) may be very short, or non-existent. Therefore, we are also taking direct returns through, with the help of some of our trusted partners. This is possible through our online RMA system.
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    Pretty impressive support!

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