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Thread: WiiKey2 Blue Light only

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    WiiKey2 Blue Light only

    Hello everyone, So i got my wiikey2 yesterday, I have the DMS chipset and i only installed GRN,Power,A,B,C.
    I installed it with the shortest path i could get. Also tested all the connections so that none of them were touching anything else.
    But when i put it in the wii, and started it up.
    It gave me a blue light and stayed on. The drive would not spin, wont eject, and nothing will load on it.
    Just stays on the main screen.
    So i rewired it all and used thicker wires, but it still gave me the same error. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I would say you have a wrong solder point either on A B or C

    B and C are pretty striaght forward, make sure A is right.

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    ya, i made sure everything was right. I had a professional check it today. He said it was all hooked up right and it could just be a bad chip.


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