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Thread: Wiikey 2 what kind of wire and where to place it.

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    Wiikey 2 what kind of wire and where to place it.

    Hi there,

    I'm going to do my first install tomorrow
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    Kyvor wire, 30 AWG, solid & tin-plated copper insulated wire, any color.
    use it for signal connection. 15~20 watts soldering iron.
    for 3v3 and Gnd points, use stranded wire (ie. make this bundle with 3~4 wires, twisted together).

    apply a piece of double-side-foam-tape to stick the chip, about the middle of dvd-rom, but not blocking the ventilation. Ooh, hot-glue is the best, i love that if u've a gun.

    call ur other girlfriends to join wii play, after soldering done. lol
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    Unfortunately no
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    Quote Originally Posted by casieispretty View Post
    Unfortunately no store around me had 30 gauge wire, so I'll have to order it and wait a few days before I can do this. As for the 3v3 and GND, what gauge should that wire be, or are you saying to use the 30 guage, but just twist 3-4 strands of it together? Thanks again for your help.

    Alot of modder just use 30 gauge wire for 3v3 and GND and have no problem at all. Their reason is because the amount of current the modchip consumes is so little, it doesn't give any problems.

    But if you want to be in the safe side, just twisted two 30 guage wire together for the 3v3 and GND.

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    casieispretty, u're right to twist 3-4 strands of 30AWG together. dc supply to the modchip is little; yet, strand wire would induce less emi which potentially causes unexpected and weird problems. it's a common practice to hv widen gnd etch on electronic layout.


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