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Thread: Wiikey with removing legs - REALLY needed

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    Wiikey with removing legs - REALLY needed

    Hello World,

    i ordered my WiiKey a few days ago not knowing about the "new" board revs. not having the relevant pins out as a solderpad. I just found an was shocked that somebody actually drilled a IC open and soldered a wire onto the bonding of that IC. I really didnt even think something like that would be possible on any modern and more or less complex IC.

    However from what i understand the whole process is just to make sure that the drive controller cannot talk with the rest of the wii but has to talk with the WiiKey and nothing else. So it should be more than possible to just rip off the bottom of the pins and solder to the chip above them - without soldering to the open bondings of a IC (hell, still can't believe this!).

    On the other side - has anyone out there enough knowledge of what signals are transmitted in what direction and whether the wiikey lines could just be connected "to" the drive-controller pins instead of replacing the whole connection of the drive-controller pins?

    Thanks in advance and greetings
    - NebuK

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    These guys would prob be worth talking to their site is having a host change so if its not online later give it a day or 2 or call them on 01530888203 Joe or Tom


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    My question was bullshit, i found out that nintendo seems to have hired hords of small chinese workers to cut the legs of that chip. So it doesnt *have* to be cut by *you* but is cut by nintendo. Question is: if the signals on those pins are responsible for media-auth - why can nintendo cut them without updateing the chip? where are those signals now running through?

    BTW: still have a non-cutleg version, yay


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