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Thread: Burning Wiikey updates into DVD

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    Burning Wiikey updates into DVD

    I came to this site before during when Super Mario Galaxy was released. I took a 3 month hiatus from the Wii and now I wanna play on the Wii again.

    1. Is it nessecary for me to update my Wiikey? What new functions are there if I update.
    2. Is there a method to turn CD .iso into DVD .iso. I have no CDs in my house and I don't want to buy CDs just to burn a Wiikey update. The last time I came, there was a thread which showed how to turn the Wiikey CD .iso into a DVD .iso, but I can't find it anymore.

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    You want to burn as a dvd any way. Just burn the .iso image using a dvd. Using dvd's for update discs is always better in my mind anyway.

    Your chip won't really have any more features just enable you to play the newer games starting with mario galaxy.

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    But my wiikey update .iso is a CD .iso. I want to know how to burn CD isos into DVD isos. Or are there DVD Wiikey updates?

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    If you are using NERO to burn you ISO, just prior to burning, you will see the CD ISO in the left upper corner, it has a drop down, open it and select DVD, it will then allow you to burn the small CDISO update to a DVD. Hope this helps.


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