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Thread: What do I need? - First post! :)

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    What do I need? - First post! :)

    Greets all!
    First post, wanted to say hello!

    Also.. I have a couple questions... I have an older wii. I have it modded with a wasabi v2 chip which still works awesome to this day. It's running the last 3.2 firmware update (3.2u I think? whichever is the one for the USA). I'm looking to purchase Madworld tonight after work.

    I was told that if I install ios 38, 53, and 55 I should be good to go for all of the latest games. I grabbed the region free ones here and will give them a shot when I get home. Is there anything else that i'll be needing? I see people talking about gecko OS, 002 patch, etc. I haven't really done anything with the wii for awhile (my girlfriend plays way more than I do else I'd have sold it already) so I kinda fell out of touch with the scene.

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    Well, I was in the same situation as you a week ago! Have 3.2e (updated to 3.2 with anyregionchanger), installed the mentioned IOSes, and that's it, working MadWorld (and WiiWare, VC & everything else)!
    Just be sure to play "in region", just in case, if you are a newbie. That means NTSC USA discs for you. If you play "in region", you don't need Gecko. Oh, and be sure to install Starfall, if your wasabi is without update skip capabilities.


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