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Thread: Rune Factory Frontier & SSBB

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    Rune Factory Frontier & SSBB

    Has anyone tried this on softmod 3.2U? I have it, downloaded it, the opening AMV works well, gameplay is fine, first AMV when you first start the game is choppy. Anyone else tried it? forced burn at 4x cant go lower for some reason

    As for SSBB, on same soft mod, dump right from an original disk, image break, virbatime (sp?) dvd+r dl, after the first fight i get dvd error message in white and green, i also tried to play that part and bypass it, after i get past a door, same error. Any tips? Force burned at 2.4x

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    Im not exactly, an expericend poster , but from what i gather burned games will load slower and since the amv is streamed from the disk realtime, a burned disk would be choppy. Kinda stinks becuase im buring my rune factory right now .

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    maybe its due to the read speed of the soft mod? I wonder if a mod chip fixes the amv issues

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    Rune chop- not here

    I burn at 4X and with nothing else running. It has not been choppy thusfar with homebrew or softmod. I have noticed chop on a few other programs.


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    My copy of Rune Factory was choppy in the first scene too. Only game I've had that problem with though
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    i got a wiikey 2 and it fixed it. all movies that were choppy run perfect.


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