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Thread: Non-epoxy Wii

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    Non-epoxy Wii


    I had got a Korean Wii with US firmware y'day but gave it back today since the
    Mii channel wasn't working and I found out that its better to get a US Wii with a modchip. So that's what I'm trying to do.

    Except now I've learnt about the epoxy thing on the new Wiis. Since I'm getting a Wiikey2 modchip I'm really desperate to avoid the epoxy Wiis. So is there any online retail store other than ebay where I can get an older Wii without the epoxy? I'd really appreciate any suggestions.

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    Anyone from San Jose here?

    I need a place where I can get older Wiis without the epoxy gc2-d2e or gc2-d3 drives.


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    try craigslist, alot of people are selling their old Wiis.

    I can help you mod the new expoxy wii for $60. I'm in San Francisco. If you are interested, pm me.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm checking it out. I'll keep you in mind when it comes to modding it.


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