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Thread: Multigame gamecube images and multiple-disc games

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    Red face Multigame gamecube images and multiple-disc games

    I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience making multi-game discs for Gamecube that have different discs for the same game installed. For example, Resident Evil 1 comes on two discs... Are there issues with doing this? For some reason I suspect that if you're stuck with a "Put the second disc in now" message you won't be able to do that as normal with a multi-game disc... But I could be entirely wrong! Anyone have a clue?

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    Resident Evil Gamecube backup NTSC

    Resident evil not working on WiiGator. Tried to make multidisc dvd-r after renaming files from .gcm to .iso using gamecube utility. Gives error message in Spanish. Please help!

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