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Thread: WiiDual Mod Chip

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    WiiDual Mod Chip

    I just got a US version Wii here in manila and the shop who sold me the unit said it contained a WiiDual+ mod chip.

    Has anyone heard of this chip? I cant seem to find any solid info regarding this. Ive tried the 10 free "backup" games that the guy threw in with the package and everything works fine (except alone in the dark which is asking for an update, could this be PAL version?!).

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    yes, read my post about wii dual upgrades - you can upgrade, just ensure that you do an online upgrade first then, if it's a disk based upgrade then it must be from your region. I think it's aka "dual wiitop".
    I did find some useful info here Wii : OzModChips

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    hi temp your original post led me here to wiihacks thanks for that.
    did you mean to say you upgraded your wii's firmware or the WiiDual Chip itself?

    i just upgraded my wii's firmware via the net a)nd it works fine but im asking is if there is a way to upgrade the wiiDual chip itself... much like the wiikey implementation (not sure if it works the same for wiiDual, first time i heard of this chip.

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    Hello Redtangent - sorry for the sloooow reply. I upgraded the WII firmware, not the dual chip. I would be very interested if this is possible as I read that it is but cannot find the manufacturer's website to download a new firmware.


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