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Thread: issue with mplayer ce

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    issue with mplayer ce

    I am beginning to think it is absolutely impossible to add any new radio stations to the mplayer ce radio directory in the menu conf.

    Has anyone out there been able to successfully add a .pls or .m3u radio stream to the mplayer ce radio list? I have tried and tried and still haven't been able to find a website that lists the address the way that mplayer ce wants it put in. Even when I thought I found it I copied and pasted it and it didn't look like it was in the same format (even though it ended in .pls) as the 3 example channels given by default in mplayer ce.

    The only thing that has even come close to producing a working result is when i went to and clicked on the tune in button, then saved the file to desktop and then righ clicked on the file and opened it in notepad and tried to find some kind of address that looked anything like the 3 provided with the download of mplayer ce, but as I said even though I though I was getting somewhere the effort was fruitless.

    please someone that has thier's working just through me a friggen bone here and tell me exactly how you did it.



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    I'd be interested in how to do this too...

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    I think you need a URL address or something along them lines. I do recall seeing a tutorial on how to do it, but can't remember where I saw it, google is your friend here. It even showed how to get the address when it wasn't easily accessible.


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