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Thread: 2k9 baseball

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    2k9 baseball

    I have burnt about 75 games and only about 7 of them have not worked, i recently tryed to burn baseball 2k9 and when i put it in the wii it says it wants to update ? it will not let me go any further untill i do so! so i just ejected it... but my question is will it hurt if i do this ? does anyone know?

    i have and d2pro chip

    does anyone know? please and thank you

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    some people say yes some say no, just to be safe I would install preloader, or starfall, or brick blocker (any of your choice) I used anyregion changer 1.1bM5 which installed some good starfall type hacks at the end and then also installed preloader and cios corp which blocks updates and makes my wii region free in addition to allowing me to load backups through my main disc channel. If you do this you will not be prompted to update when trying to play any games.

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    If you have Homebrew then don't update unless you don't care about not using it anymore. If you have a newer chip you should be able to update without any issues, or you should be able to set it up so you can block updates.

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    hey thanks for your guys replay i ll will try that and see if it works on my next day off....

    Thanks again to the both of you guys for the quick responce.

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    hey bonzi, I would recommend a download of softmii ( and it's pdf guide ( It has worked wonders in the past few days, though I'm softmodded.

    I found my problem for a couple of days was making a partition by patching or scrubbing files I had unzipped before burning. The ones I got from torrents were ready to be burned without adding the patch/scrub step. All my discs had worked the way I was previously doing it (with ben lloyds patching gui) until the newer ones. That doesn't sound like your problem, though, but just a reference to those having probs with MLB 2K9 (the game that I had trouble getting to work), who might find this thread. Just burn the unzipped file.

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    All you need to do is install the ios's


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