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Thread: Chipped KOR Wii (D2Sun v3.?) Some titles work, some I only through hbc. Why?

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    Chipped KOR Wii (D2Sun v3.?) Some titles work, some I only through hbc. Why?

    Korean Wii (3.3K)

    The good news is that every game I've tried has worked someway or another. For example, Wii Sports, RE Wii, Technu and many newer games have worked straight out of the system menu (70-80% of titles). For others I need Region Free or Gecko OS. Some of these titles include Metroid: Corruption, and Paper Mario.

    I understand that modchips are not perfect, but why do some older games like Metroid or Paper Mario require the use of HBC+Region Free to run? I can understand that newer titles like Madworld might have problems, but I don't understand why older titles can fail to boot from the SysMenu with a modchip installed?

    I feel that it might be due to region conflict...and if so, is there any software that could work this out in the ISO before burn to make a US (NTSC) title work better with a KOR (NTSC) Wii?

    Thanks very much for any help.

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    Korean wii consists different set of IOS's. to play "imported" and "latest" games, u need additional IOSs. lack of, will show u read error, black screen, [}E_-+L ....(those kind of korean characters).... lol

    3.3K may hv been in position blocking fake signed games. othewise, u could apply scrubber, trucha signer to fullfil ur dreams.
    in short, patching ISO is not a great idea; but get around it with LOADERs/softmod. give it a try. i don't hv a 3.3K_Wii. wish i would.
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    Jesus Christ, I hate Korean Wiis....

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    That's all I can get in Korea...well where I am anyways.

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    I have a Korean Wii which I bought here in Thailand from Panthip Plaza. Everything was preconfigured in English and it shows up as 3.2e with a d2e pro chip inside and the homebrew channel installed (which I HAVENT used for any games).

    A couple of Pal format games would not work with my chip (Big Brain Academy, SSX Blur etc) but I downloaded the NTSC U versions and everything works perfectly

    For a saving of 60 UK pounds, I love the Korean Wii


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    Nice! Any idea why my Wii is have problems with some games from the System Menu? Have you tried Papermario, Metroid, MarioCart? I need HBC to load these and a few others.

    I found a video on changing everything to English, but I don't have the guts to try it. But you're proof-positive that it works!

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    Yes, all the games you mentioned work but I dont use the homebrew channel to run them, just pop them in the slot and run them from the disc channel.

    I have tried over 60 games so far including all the latest and greatest titles like Madworld, Deadly Creatures, Shaun Whites etc etc and as I said, the only problem I have had was with a few PAL games, so now I just download NTSC U versions and everything works.

    If I can help you in any way, just give me a shout. I am no expert but I will do my best for you


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    So you pretty much have a US Wii with a D2pro chip now. Awesome.

    Now I can get all my games to work if I use Gecko Region Free on some them. Any idea what my problem is? Is it trucha, my KOR ios's? Do the game titles I have problems with give you any clue to what problem is occuring?

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    unless u can apply AnyRegion Changer to make ur Korean Wii into 3.xU (usa version), it's unlikely u can enjoy all the ntsc/pal games.

    Rossy has relased a thread about changing Korean wii into USA console. go serach it.

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    I think thats what the shop has done for me, changed it with anyregion to US NTSC......... and I am very very happy with it so far, no problems whatsoever

    Hanguker, good luck with your Wii mate and thank you also for your previous advice on another similiar topic I wrote


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