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Thread: Power problem

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    Power problem

    i got a wiikey2 yesterday and attempted to install it myself, everything was going fine but i couldn't get the chip to power up correctly with red blue leds, only solid red. i messed around with the wires for a while and still couldn't get it to work correctly. currently my chip is out and i took off all of the wires but now my wii is having actual issues. when i first plug it in with AC adapter, the red light turns on. if i press it to turn it on it flashes then shuts off and i have to unplug it and plug it back in..i've tried searching but all of these issues aren't the same as this.

    have i seriously f'd up my wii or is it shorting somewhere? it gets power apparently, and do you guys think it would be possible to return to nintendo if its still under warranty??

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    look very carefully for a short or some solder splash

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