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    WiiRadio is a ShoutCast stream player. It can read from thousands of internet radio streams and play them back on the Wii.


    Installing the application

    Copy the "radiow" directory to your SD under /apps
    NOTE: DO NOT rename "radiow" directory.
    Tested on PAL 3.2 - works fine.
    Tested on NTSC 3.3v2 - works fine.


    Copy the playlist file to /apps/radiow/pls on your SD card
    Saving playlists from WiiRadio will create a *.pls file under /apps/radiow/pls.
    Pressing the + button will add the playing station to the playlists.

    Change Log

    Version 0.2

    - Changed logo - (Thank You TiMeBoMb for the new logo!)
    - Added support for loading Playlist files (*.pls) from the SD card
    - Fixed a few minor bugs
    - Increased pre-buffer size (this seems to help streaming on the Wii)

    Version 0.1 (Preview version)

    - First version!

    Author Scanff

    WiiRadio - WiiBrew - download and more information.
    -- A.T.H.K

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    don't suppose there is any way to run this program and play at the same time that would be kinda neat

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    Us How to install

    Sorry to sound like a noob (I haven't played around with adding apps to SD for my Wii before...) but I'm having trouble trying to get this to work. I didn't have an 'apps' directory on my SD card so I created one. Should said directory be in the root of the SD card or somewhere else? After I get the program on the card, how do I launch it....

    In short, is there a 'how to' for this app? I'm excited to set it up!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, if you softmodded your wii or simply installed homebrew channel, that would be where to launch apps from. Go to, those apps should have instructions.
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    Cool. I'll check that out, thanks!

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    Just so you all know, you can download this app from the homebrew browser... Just thought Id let you all know for those who didnt.

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    Ca playlist for wiiradio ?

    whers the playlist for wiiradio ?
    or doesnt it work in 4.3 systems?

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    Wii Radio .07 Dropped in May

    U should probably know by now that WiiRadio 0.7 came out last month in case you didn't know. Find the download at the link on the first post.

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