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Thread: How can i mod my Wii

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    Smile How can i mod my Wii

    Hi Y'all

    Im a total total noob to the wii & modding.

    Im from London & just bought a Wii

    Stupid question so tell me where to look on here as im sure im not the 1st to ask this.

    How do I find out if i can mod my wii to play downloadable games

    Where can i buy a modchip?

    any help & tuts would be much appreciated


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    it can be done, you just need to have a mod chip, I recommend the WIIKEY from
    Remember If you have an older WII it is possible easily if you have a steady hand and a soldering gun.

    if its a newer WII you have to take a dremel tool and dig into one of the IC Chips to reveal the 3 pins cut off. but it still can be done

    after that you can download Backups or go purchase games to make backups if you own an LG drive.

    if your downloading games you should just download a torrent for "Burn Wii Programs" that comes with the software IMGburn which works the best for me. I have tried all the others and its just the simplest.

    burn on DVD-R's, Burn at 2X speed, and play backups.

    I will be producing a video tutorial on how to mod a wii with a wiikey in the next week

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    instruction would be great.

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    sure, keep posted, I will be doing a video and image based tutorial on how to install a wiikey by this up comming weekend. Stay tuned it will be posted here!

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    I highly recommend using wire instead of directly soldering the modchip to the IC board. Electronics expand and contract with temperature... so the modchip can expand/contract and with time the solder between the modchip/wii may have some issues? (time will tell).

    The safe way to connect a modchip to the wii is using wire (in my opinion).
    Many boards talk about using Kynar wire 30 awg - it flexible and you only need a small amount (about a foot). Also, if you ever need to remove the chip... its easier to de-soldering wire.

    Kynar wire can be difficult to find, but search Ebay and you should find. I bought a couple feet from Ebay.


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