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Thread: What's the Pros and Cons to upgrade from V3.1U

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    What's the Pros and Cons to upgrade from V3.1U


    I've read a couple of hundred threads. I'm still not clear and I feel not safe to whether to update my WII (NTSC) firmware from V.1.3U or I should not.

    I just completed the installation of the P2PRO9 V2.0 + WII Clip V4C which I've purchased a while ago. I created the P2PRO v1.7 Utility Disc. There was also P2PRO9 firmware upgrade to V2.3 but I didn't do anything with it since I don't know what to do with it, also I do not own the programmer in order to update the Actel chips if I should need to.

    In the last few days I was able to play several different original games, older and newer without the WII ever displaying the message about needing to update the firmware, until I inserted Mario Power Tennis backup. I'm sure that will happen again on other new game releases.

    Please Help... I'm at the crawling stage, I hate to update to ANYTHING and then regret that I did, later.
    I hope you can shed some light to my confusion by perhaps the Pros and the Cons of anykind. And do I really have a choice?

    Your input is appreciated.

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    Us IOSdowngrader does nothing, problems upgrading Wii from v3.1U v 3.1U

    You do not need to update downgrade or change anything on your wii if it is version 3.1U

    all you need to use is the CIOSCORP installer from the homebrew channel.

    The directions I am using tell me to do quite a few things before these steps, but I had an issue with "IOSdowngrader" that I solved

    My softmod instructions tell me to:

    - install IOS60patched.wad than restart wii

    - Launch Homebrew Channel again and run cios rev10 installer (funky music! choose network install!) It may freeze, restart wii

    - Launch Homebrew channel again and run IOSdowngrader:

    When I pressed A, to agree and continue nothing happened, it just prompted me to hit A immediately to restart the wii

    It seemed like it did nothing, nothing installed, nothing changed

    I learned that there was nothing for IOSdowngrader to do b/c i was at 3.1u which is OLD

    -run cioscorp was the next step, I did it, and it worked, it installed everything fine.

    that was the last step for my instructions but i was nervous to do it since ios downgrader did nothing

    All my games play fine via usb drive (usb loader gx) that are supposed to work at this stage.

    I will be upgrading it to 4.1u in ten minutes from now for all the new games, so if I do not post again, that means everything worked perfect for me though IOSdowngrader did nothing but prompt me to restart, OK to continue

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    dont install cIOScorp, its pointless, you have a modchip, you dont need cIOScorp, you probably just have a few IOS's missing, installing them is a lot less dangerous than install cIOScorp.

    You should never, EVER, install cIOScorp without bootmii installed as boot2.

    If you wanted to update, you could use Waninkoko's 4.12 updater to safely do it (DO NOT UPDATE TO 4.2)
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    If you install CIOSCorp you'll get this screen of FAIL.


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