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Thread: SSBB disc read error: must update Wiikey

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    SSBB disc read error: must update Wiikey

    Two years ago, I bought my Wii from some guy, and he put in a Wiikey so it could play any game from any region, since it's a Japanese Wii. A week ago, I bought Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and when I got home and put the disc in, it couldn't read the disc. I did a firmware update before I got the game, so now it's at 3.4J. I read somewhere that Nintendo put some anti-piracy thing on all Brawl discs so modded Wiis can't read SSBB. I also read that I have to update the Wiikey by downloading it, so it can get around the block. Are there any risks to doing the update?

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    Also, will I have to downgrade my firmware for the Wiikey update to work?

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    It has more to do with the fact that SSBB is a duel layer disc. No riscs to the update as long as it if from your own region. Make sure your have a clean laser and it is a good burn.

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    It's treu that the disc is unable to be played on wii with a wiikey
    I tried all the "solutions" that were on the internet
    lens cleaner : failure
    vertical --> horizontal : failure
    take apart wii and put back together: failure (almost completely destroyed my wii :P)

    but then i found the golden answer.
    you probably know about the updates that if you turn off power at 70% your wiikey gets corrupt...well this is precisly what you want do this with any updates (I used 1.9s) at the update (where it says : DO NOT TURN OFF CONSOLE. in shiny red :P) plugpull ur wii at 70%.
    then wait a few seconds. and put ur wii back on and then the wii reads it the same as if there is no wiikey so you should be able to play brawl
    and if you want to play burned games simply use a wiikey recovery disc

    I'm happy that i can play SSBB so try rlly works


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