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Thread: I am new at the whole wii hack stuff please help me

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    Red face I am new at the whole wii hack stuff please help me

    My fiance got a wii for christmas and he put the home brew channel in it. Well he wants to torrent games and be able to play them in the wii. Could you please tell me the easiest and most effective way to do that. Step by step if you could because I am way not understanding the whole thing

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    1. This is posted kinda in the wrong section.

    2. Theres countless guides out there. Google is your friend.

    But I'll give a general idea anyway.

    F.Y.I (if you didn't know, which you probably do): Having back-up of games you don't own is illegal.

    To open a torrent file, you need a program associated with that.

    Such as Bittorrent, Bitcomet, Bit(a lot of stuff). Just Google it.

    Once a torrent download is finish, the files are probably split into parts, in a rar file.

    Extract that using a program that can extract that (Like my personal favorit 7-zip)

    If it is already has the extension .iso , then it is ready to burn.

    But wait! Make sure your wii is at the prefered setting for the homebrew channel, and to play back up games.

    Look at a guide for Downgrading to firmware 3.2x (x represents region, like U = usa, E = pal/europe, J= japan)

    and there's countless of stuff out there that you need to learn. (if your wii isn't already at the prefered setting)

    Sorry, but there's a lot to do, look in the "►RECOMMENDED FAQ's, GUIDES & TUTORIALS ONLY ◄" In the "Wii hacking Section"

    There is a lot of useful information there, please look there.


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