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Thread: Rock Band 1 Drumset synch issues

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    Rock Band 1 Drumset synch issues

    Currently using v.3.3U with IOS36rev8 and bought the RB1 drumset but can't get them to synch. Would appreciate any suggestions, thanks!

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    Okay, used Dogeggs advice which was great and installed multi ios using softchip with ios37 w ios36 boot with ios232. Starts installing but gets a bad hash at 9/15. Do you think one of the ios37 files are corrupt? Should I redownload all 17 files again?

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    Update: Downloaded all 17 files again for ios37, ran multi ios installer and installed ios37 with ios36 boot ios232, success! Ran softchip and change ios to ios232. Ran Rock Band 2, still no synch. Went back into softchip, and IOS232 (rev7) loaded is displayed.
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    Update: Used any title deleter and did not see ios37 in there. Install ios37-64-2070 with customer wad manager. Still no joy!

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    Okay I read that if you are using RB2 backups, you need to use cios37, but everytime I load cios37rev2 installer succesfully, it will make my backups come up with "DVD Read Error (324)". Well at least I know how to get it back to where I can run games for now. Guys let me know whatcha think, thanks!

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    Okay, finally got it to work after doing some extensive! Anyway apparently I don't have the right cios37 to make it work through gamma loader, but if you use "RB Launcher Channel By Mrkinator" which is basically a wad install file, you will be able to use RB1 drums with no issues. All it does is create a seperate channel called Rock Band Launcher, and you will be able to run you backup/custom Rock Band 2 game. Once it runs, you will see your instrument synch. Figured I would share my experience, as I am like a sponge when I get into something. FYI, you still need to follow the steps by using multi cios installer, etc. for it to work within Rock Band Launcher. Here's the instructions, follow from part 2.The COMPLETE Guide to Rock Band Wii Customs -

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    Thanks iceman that pretty informative post m8 Glad you got your drums going! lol

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    question there away 2 get the drum kit to work with guitar hero games, like metallica?


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