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Thread: No More Heroes Problem

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    No More Heroes Problem

    I m having problem with No More Heroes.When inserting the disc and press ''start'' to begin,it shows a black screen.The game is NTSC and i have a PAL console.I have installed Homebrew channel and starfall block updater.Im with D2prov9 and installed IOS38,53,55 cuz i had same problems with madworld.But madworld is fixed.

    Edit:I didnt patched the game to PAL if that matters
    Thx for any help

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    hey guys need help

    need help backin up games forwii homebrew

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    Do you have region free enabled in starfall? If you do disable it, as this may be conflicting with D2prov9's native region free capability.

    wii3001 LOL did we get lost?

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    Nope.In starfall i just installed to block updates,nothing else.

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    Maybe it needs reinstall of ios (something)like mad world and animal crossing?

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    sometimes you need to install update from disc to make certain games work....dont worry about system menu updating cuz that game is kinda old ...worked for me on a few games

    Also here is a link for all the games that have wii system menu updates on them

    WUM Wii Update Manager


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