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Thread: Drivekey led color!

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    Question Drivekey led color!


    I have just installed my drivekey, but it`s not working properly...

    I get an error when i try to access the menu, and i can`t read any discs with the chip connected.

    After i push the eject button three times the led goes red and stays red (before i push the eject button it`s all dark).

    Any ideas?

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    We are all having this problem...mine is doing the same thing. There are a ton of bad chips out there it looks like.

    Mine had the same problem...

    Set it up perfect and was extremely carefull with my install and it did the same thing.

    Pissed me off I think it is time to just return it and get my money back.

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    I've had the same problem.

    I have had two DriveKeys now, both haven't worked. My wii is 3.4 firmware, PAL with the silver cable.

    The first one I had, I could play back-up games, no worries but could play originals. This one was with the 4X diode but sent it back to my retailer who replaced it with a new one.

    The second one I had installed would crash (disk error) the wii with any disk inserted (original or backup) and even with no disk inserted when trying to access the menu. I am certain it was installed correctly. Take out the chip and all is right to go again.

    I have been offer another replacement from retailer but not feeling like there is much point. The device seems a bit buggy, at least for my configuration of wii.
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    I have the same config. 3.4 but NTSC in the US and it does the same thing.

    I got mine from MODCHIP Central...

    They want me to send it back...but It will cost me the money to ship it back.

    I guess that is what happens when your a 1st adopter and testing out the 1st run of chips for the manufacturer!
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