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Thread: Black screen with almost every emulator

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    Black screen with almost every emulator

    I'm running the latest HBC on firmware 3.2U with a Wiikey2. I have installed the recommended IOS files and I'm able to run backups and all other homebrew applications.

    My issue is that when I attempt to run an emulator such as the snes or nes one, I get a full 1-100% load bar then I am greeted with a black screen and my Wiimote turns off. The only option to get off this screen is to hard reboot my wii.

    The only emulator that will run is the scummvm one, which runs flawlessly.

    I've tried reformatting the SD card and I'm 100% positive everything in in the correct directory location on the card. I read somewhere that it could be some CIOS causing an issue, but I have no idea as to which ones.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Having the exact same issue with Snes9x GX 009. Any input will be more than appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey, I figured out how to fix my issue, maybe it'll help you as well.

    First, I'd try installing the new cIOS36 rev 8. Check here for more on that:

    If that doesn't do you any good, maybe try this page out


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