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Thread: Some helpful sites

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    Some helpful sites

    Over the past couple days i have found some sites which may prove to be a big help to some people.

    Here are the guides:

    This guide tells you in detail how to make a copy of GC and Wii games and many of you would of allready seen this
    Wii Disc Backup - Wiki-Scene

    This guide is for WiiKey as it seems to be the most popular modchip
    WiiKey Guides :: Find Install Guides :: Clone Guide and More!

    Here are some programs which will prevent bricking up from occuring:

    WiiBrickBlocker replaces the update which causes bricking up to occur
    WiiBrickBlocker - The official site

    RegionFrii changes the game region into a region of your choice
    Wii.DS-Scene View Topic - RegionFrii v1.21

    Here's a video of a Wii being taken apart and could prove useful to some
    YouTube - Nintendo Wii Teardown

    Hope you enjoy

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    Ok some i have some more helpful sites.

    These two are Wii region patcher compatability list and GC compatability list

    Wii Region Patcher Compatibility List - WikiTemp
    Gamecube Compatibility List - WikiTemp

    I have no idea if anyone knows of the new way you can dump wii and gc games but to do so you need a SD Gecko Adapter for Wii/Gamecube (looks like a GC memory card) it has been proven to wrok up to 50% faster than the LG disc drives. If you are unsure about it look at the website i put under Australia and it will give an extremely helpful descripton of it and sorry if you don't like the sites i found but it was the best i could do in the short amount of time i had to find them.

    Official site (at time of writing this unable to buy from, feature coming soon)
    SD Gecko - Secure Media adapter for Gamecube and Wii for loading homebrew files

    For people in Australia (at time of writing in stock)
    SD Gecko Adapter for Wiikey - $18.18 :, Official Australian Reseller of the WiiKey and Wiinja Mod Chip for the Nintendo Wii

    For people in America (at time of writing in stock)
    SD Gecko

    For people in UK (at time of writing out of stock)
    Console Plus: Gamecube » Memory Cards » Gecko SD Adapter for Gamecube

    Once again i hope you enjoy

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    Once again i have a very helpful guide.

    How to disassemble a Wii (extremely helpful)
    Wii disassembly - Wiki-Scene

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    I have a new site and a good one at that, this here web adress will show you a video on how to install a Wiikey the only problem is it's in spanish I think and if I happen to find a video in english i'll be sure to post it.

    Sclipo: Wii, instalaciĆ³n de modchip Wiikey
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    I have found some more interesting videos on youtube which may be of interest.

    How to play Gamecube imports without a Free Loader.
    YouTube - Howto Play Import Gamecube Games on Wii WITHOUT A FREELOADER

    How to make simple flash games for the Wii.
    YouTube - TUTORIAL Making Wii Games in Flash


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