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Thread: Please help! Wasabi not working.

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    Please help! Wasabi not working.

    I have been trying to mod a wii for about a month now. I actually have 2 one with 2.2u firmware and one with 3.4, I decided to get the wasabi zero solder and I installed it on the one with 2.2 because the other one had that epoxy stuff on it. But I can't get it to load any back up games or dvds like it is supposed to. I have reopened it up and don't see ne thing wrong with it, and it still loads regular games just fine. I have been working on this all day and I can't figure it out.

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    The Zero will work with 3.4, and so does the Homebrew Channel, what is the benefit of keeping the older firmware?

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    unless u post a close-up photo of wasabi on the board (dvd-rom), there's no way to tell whether there's sth wrong.
    while wii still loads reg games fine, may it be an improper connection ?

    update the wii , and the mod, to the latest. why not?


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