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Thread: BEFORE asking a Question

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    BEFORE asking a Question

    I was impressed by this thread by afif95 - I asked if I could reproduce it here

    Before asking a question:

    1)SEARCH First! This is the first and foremost rule you must obey. If you ignore this, you'll get told to search anyway.
    Searching helps. Questions that you're gonna ask have probably been answered already.

    2)READ! Another reason why noobs get flamed by us. It won't work if you done searching but are not reading. So read!

    3)TRY TO UNDERSTAND! Before you ask, do a thorough research on the application/guide/skill/cheat code/whatever.

    4)READ THE STICKIES!! Stickies are there for a reason; to help you out. So help us to help you by reading them.
    By doing so, you have less chance of getting flamed and less chance for making a new topic on the same problem.

    5)RESEARCH!!! One thing that's missing in noobs in Wii Hacks Community. Use common sense, if you'd do some research, You would know the answer a lot sooner?

    While asking a question/making a topic/making a post:

    1)Make sure that you write in ENGLISH not Internet (u, dis, wht, etc), or any other language for that matter. If you don't know English, use a translator, A GOOD ONE, not free ones like Google or Babel Fish.

    2)Write as POLITELY as possible. Don't make your message sound rude or bad. Do not "duh" other people or contradict them. This is a forum, so if anything, you're asking for suggestions, don't expect an answer that is EXACTLY what you're looking for, because if you do, you'll push away suggestions and pray to God that someone will post the answer you need

    3)Be straight-to-the-point. We don't want questions like 500 words long and the question is "Where do I find <Insert anything here">. We also don't want a post like this "I burnt Guitar Hero!! Now, my question is, how do use FTPii?" because the first part (successfully burnt a game) is irrelevant and is of no importance.

    4)Find the right place. If you wanna ask something about a homebrew application, head over to the Homebrew forum and ask about it. If you want to ask a question "How to use this type of Modchip", then head over to the Modchip forum

    5)Give information. We don't want questions that have no information on them. If you have an error, tell us what error, don't tell us
    "<Insert app here> gives me an error, how do I fix it?", instead, tell us what error. Do some work yourself then ask us.

    When responding to an answer/suggestion:

    1)Never contradict unless you're certain it's wrong and you've got proof.

    2)Be as polite as possible

    3)Never flame, you're the one who's asking.

    4)Instead of being a smart-ass, follow the suggestion
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    Have you used the search function ? used the Tutorial section ?

    Did you know you can donate to help the running of this forum ?

    hi...sorry we're busy, so only giving priority to supporting members like MK contestants / forum donators at this time...

    The advice given is up to you whether to act on it or not. NO responsibility is taken for you screwing up !
    Thanks for your understanding

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