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Thread: NTSC Games won't play?

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    NTSC Games won't play?

    Just tried a couple of NTSC games on my PAL Wii (D2SUNPro chipped). Game
    loads fine and I get to the start 'splash' screen but when I select Start I
    just get a blank screen and no sound. DVD will eject OK but power/reset
    has no effect. Only way to recover is power cycle? I thought this chip
    allowed all NTSC games to play? I have Decca Sports NTSC version which I've copied to allow me to remove the update and that runs fine??

    Any ideas? Game is Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 which refuses to run. Made sure updates have been removed.

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    i have same problem... other ntsc games work and all i get with pes2009 is this error #002! was told to install gecko with the error oo2 fix which loads further but then gives a list of error codes!! any help appreciated folks...

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    Well I don't even get an error - just a totally blank screen !!

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    did you try booting from your hbc??? i belive on some machines it does actually work!!! just not mine!!! gutted

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    I have the opposite problem, I got the PAL version of PES 2009 and I have an NTSC wii. Black screen as soon as I make clic on the DVD channel.


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