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Thread: Drivekey Error

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    Unhappy Drivekey Error

    Okay folks...I just got my driveket from Modchipcentral and I installed it very meticulously.

    I know I got everything right...I will check again but it is right.

    when I boot it boots to the main menu. And as long as I do nothing it is fine.

    But as soon as I hit eject three times and/or put a disk in...I get
    the Error message that the wii has sufered a problem and to eject the disk and turn the Wii off and reboot.

    Everything is brand new.

    I forgot to add that I have the Silver cable...BUT I got the Drivekey with the 4X chip so I know that is not an issue.

    The drivekey is designed to work without any software CRAK right. That is the purpose...Right...crap!!!

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    I'd double check the install, make sure the jumpers are correct and the flat cables installed with copper side down towards drivekey and then fire the wii with it apart, but be sure the drivekey is shielded so it doesn't short out and see if it works then. If it's all installed properly and not working, I'm guessing bad drivekey?


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