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Thread: Noob Question: Wiikey2 Presoldered for D2E work on D2B?

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    Noob Question: Wiikey2 Presoldered for D2E work on D2B?

    Hi i bought a wiikey 2 presoldered for D2E and found out that my Wii have the epoxy resin, can my friend use my wiikey2 if he have a D2B chip?

    thank you in advance

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    if all the points are soldered you can cut tracks D E F and G with a craft/stanley knife then it will work on D2B.

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    i'm sorry don't mean to doubt you, i don't know that much about soldering but it advisable to do that, i don't want to cut anything and break the chip in the process. is this the only way to get it to work?

    thank you in advance

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    you can try to remove the solder on these points with some desolder braid but the way the points are on the clip there may be soldered under the clips solder point that you cant get to. the easiest way is to cut the clip you dont have to do it hard and cut all the way through just enough to cut the tracks on the top of the clip.

    [ATTACH]wiikey track to cut[/ATTACH]
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    I too had a similar question, although I have the D2C with a wiikey2 yellow sticker on a solderless clip, I only need to solder A-C, G, 3v3 and Gnd, but I emailed modchip central which is where I bought the wiikey 2 and they said it should work with all points A-G soldered on. I'm assuming that this would be the same for your friend on the D2B as well.

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    d2c and above will work with all points soldered but d2b and below wont, the drive will fail to operate if all points are soldered.
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    d2b en wiikey2 yellow needs 5 wires.
    no need to solder g point


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