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Thread: need a chip for a D2c

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    Us need a chip for a D2c

    i got my 88 cent tri wing screw driver from dealextreme finaly sent to me after like 4 weeks. air mailed from hong kong china to the states. and got done checking out the drive chip. its a D2C chip. im pretty sure no legs were cut, i for got to really check that out but it looked regular.
    anyways ive been searching for a place to order a chip and been pretty much getting the run around. click on a site, they tell you all about it, but we dont sell them. so can someone send me a link where i can order a mod chip for a D2C soldered into a clip. i just want to clip it in. and i dont want to spend 80 bucks. i heard u can get one for about 35 dollars U.S. for a solderless clip.
    what brand is that? where can i get it. what brand do y'all recomend? thanx

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    in fact, almost every mod-chip available today is compatible to D2C.
    read more threads 4comments b4 u order it.
    in Jan, helped my friend's D2C with a D2E soldered chip. Worth a penny, work like a charm. Not sure if available today.

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    echos fm Forums are positive abt this 1 !
    advice: u can use it with the clip, or solder it at a later time (if u ever mishandled the installation & resulted bent pins). lol

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