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Thread: Black Nintendo DS Lite with an R4DS and a SuperCard Lite - $100

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    Us Black Nintendo DS Lite with an R4DS and a SuperCard Lite - $100

    Hi, I'm selling a used Excellent condition Black Nintendo DS Lite with an R4DS and a SuperCard Lite for $100.
    The system does have the small little scratches on it that shiny black electronics tend to get, but the screens have no scratches and everything works great!

    I have also used FlashMe on this as well. (check out videos on youtube for more info)

    I will include a charger, but a MicroSD card is not included. There are also no games included.

    If you are wondering what an R4DS or SuperCard Lite are, check out these videos about them.

    SuperCard Lite:

    I will also trade for 2 Official Sony PS3 Controllers, or 1 Official Sony PS3 Controller and $50.
    They can be Dualshock 3 or not, but I want controllers made by Sony that are in good condition and working.

    I accept paypal and will pay for shipping to anywhere in the continental US.


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    haven't seen Supercard for a while. what'a collection u hv !

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    Yep, works great tho.

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    Awww man, I wish I could grab this deal :P My gram has been wanting a DS. Good luck selling it ^_^

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    Well, it's still available. Any takers??

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    You might want to throw in an XBox live membership. . . and perhaps a demonoid code or maybe a Rapidshare account

    Who are you to question why your god doesn't want me to believe in him?

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    lol.... well... I guess I could still throw in a demonoid invite or a 30 day rapidshare account. Yea, I'd be willing to do that.

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    Can you PM me Elementix?

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    Sold as of 3/18/09. Thanks!


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