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Thread: Blank Screen on Boot

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    Blank Screen on Boot

    Had my Wii since UK launch and everything was fine till yesterday, when I turn it on the screen stays black, the remote connects and if I move the remote it occasionally vibrates but that's all it does.
    Does anyone out there have any idea what is wrong?

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    There's nothing wrong with your Wii, it might be a problem with your TV (Is it turned on?)

    Check your RCA cables and the back of the Wii to see if it's hooked up properly.

    Also, check if you have your TV set to the right Video Input.
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    Yes the tv is turned on
    Checked with 2 different types of leads, Component and Scart and still nothing

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    Is there sound????

    Something that used to happen to my PS1 was that the plug on the console would get bumped, No image but sound still worked.

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    No sound, no picture
    but I do get a vibrating remotethe wife will be happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by kermdfrag View Post
    No sound, no picture
    but I do get a vibrating remotethe wife will be happy
    HAHA lol..
    Seriosuly though, i am also having the same prob. too ... but it happens only if the game requires an update and i patch it with brickblocker..
    Notable games tht had the prob : Mario kart, Wario smooth moves, Excitebot trick racing ...
    Man! .. and i downloaded all these games back to back!!


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