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Thread: Wii Prob

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    Wii Prob

    Since yesterday i'm having a problem with my wii...when i switch it on and start to play after some time there are smal white dots or at time white lines that appear on my first i thought it was a prob with my tv when as soon as i switch my wii off..these white dots disappear...
    i dnt know exactly where the problem is coming but i knw for sure it's the wii..
    Can someone plz help!!!

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    aya no one got this prob...this is my biggest tension now..some advise plzz

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    test and find the root cause:

    plug in the Wii power supply unit into the same ac-line socket with tv. switch on with no disc loaded. see if white dots appears immediately.

    if yes, those dots are noise induced by the power supply unit. replace it.
    if no immediately. continue to play games, wait and see how long it takes before white dots show up. if yes, the wii has overheat problem internally. improve the cooling situation.

    is ur power supply originally provided by Nintendo-Wii ?

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    yes my power supply is from nintendo only...

    i check with another tv..same prob...after 15 mins of playing it starts...

    so as u said maybe it's a overheating i'll buy that usb fan soon...

    Hope it will b ok...

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    not sure if u know there's a mini-dc-fan inside wii console. if it retired, internal heat problem followed. lay ur ear to the console box and carefully listening to a weak voice, see if it talks.
    hv an independent 60m/m dc fan, running at 9v, place wii horizontially. never get overheat issue.
    usb fan runs at 5v, acceptable, providing the internal fan is ok.


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